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Frise artistique du Château de Lacaze

Le Tarn

The Tarn owns a rich historical and cultural heritage (fortified villages, castles, churchs and museums, Cathar saga vestiges) and is one of the most imporant gates to the Parc naturel régional du Haut Languedoc : exceptional landscapes, medium mountain lakes, vineyards and valleys, forests, hiking circuits, canoeing courses, rivers and lakes for fishing, picturesque and listed villages, local gastronomy,...

The installation place of the camping is lined at the south with an urban park linking Toulouse and Montpellier ; the Haut-Languedoc is a place of nature and healing for a population of about two millions people.

The place gathers the "South of France synthesis" and consitutes a real meeting territory with the exceptionnal gathering of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean.

The Tarn puts a lot of oneself into the hiking with more of 6000 km. of marked out and maintained tracks.

The Episcopal city of Albi is listed from 2010 at the UNESCO World Heritage.

Lac du Merle Forêt en Sidobre

The Monts de Lacaune

The territory of the Monts de Lacaune express his wealth through an exceptional nature, from the Bancalié mountain lake to those of Laouzas ; from the Arifat waterfall until the home of the benefic springs.
From the Gijou valley to those of the Agoût, the water juggles with the pure air...
From the territory of the feral child to the spectacular beauty of the village of Lacaze, from the milch sheep breed of the Roquefort territory to the Lacaune Culin, the Monts de Lacaune make tower its treasures.

The fisherman will be able to vary its pleasures with watercourses and lakes where you can practise all the different fishing classes and find a lot of different fishes.
Many fisherman and children dreams about the Gijou river, lining the Camping Le Jardin and classed 1st category. The Gijou valley is reputable to its summer fishing competition.
Hikings, fishing, equestrian rides, festivities, everything is a friendliness opportunity.

Maisonnette et paysage des Monts de Lacaune Un jardin à la taille d'un département En toute liberté, à la fin de l'été


Website of the village of Lacaze :

Panorama de Lacaze

Etymology - The name Lacaze come from the langue d'oc Caza : little house, residence.

Vue des maisons en pierre Bercé par le Gijou

Surprisingly curled up in a meander of the well stocked with fish Gijou river and nestled in a valleys and forests setting of the Monts de Lacaune, Lacaze, little picturesque village of 400 inhabitants, is listed between the most beautiful villages in France (honors diploma awarded in 2003 by the Société pour la protection des paysages et de l'esthétique de la France).

Le grand pont à côté du Château

Lacaze is dominated by its 15th century Castle, which witnesses to a rich history.

Le Château de Lacaze

Lacaze is an attractive place where the cultural and factual life is developped all over the year with exhibitions, concerts, shows and festivals, and the friendly atmosphere of La Bodega du Jardin.


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